This Sick Slayer-Themed Scion tC Is Easily The Metalest Scion Ever

The Scionslaught at SEMA continues! SEMA is supposed to be ridiculous and fun, so it's good to see Scion going all out with their concepts. The louvered FR-S is good, but it's not as metal as this badass Slayer-themed tC. Few things are as metal as this. » 10/30/14 6:33pm Yesterday 6:33pm

This Brilliant Honda Civic Type R Ad Is Secretly Two Films In One

Honda claims their upcoming 2015 Civic Type R will be their most hardcore performance car ever. It sounds awesome, especially considering it's based on a car as ordinary and pedestrian as the Civic. Honda explores that duality in a new ad that you simply must watch. » 10/30/14 4:23pm Yesterday 4:23pm

The Eight Speed Automatic Corvette Stingray Does Not Suck At All

Last week, the General Motors company sent me one of their Corvette Stingrays. Only unlike every other Stingray I've driven so far, this one had two pedals instead of three. Normally, this outcome would plunge me into a deep existential crisis, like when I drove that automatic Mazda Miata over the summer. This time… » 10/30/14 12:05pm Yesterday 12:05pm

Porsche Maybe Just Confirmed A Cayman GT4 By Accident

Want something that's even hotter than the Porsche Cayman GTS? We might just get it. Porsche maybe, possibly accidentally confirmed the existence of the mythical Cayman GT4. It's like a magical German mid-engined unicorn! » 10/28/14 3:55pm Tuesday 3:55pm

Cadillac Showed Dealers Plans For Convertible, New Small Sedan

Cadillac has big plans that go beyond just a strange new naming system. They're also planning an onslaught of new models, including a range-topping flagship and a smaller crossover. Interestingly, a new convertible and sub-ATS sedan may be in the cards too. » 10/28/14 12:38pm Tuesday 12:38pm

This Horrorcar Is A Mashup Of The Least Reliable Cars You Can Buy

Some of us around here believe that car reliability is a myth, a poor substitute for properly maintaining your vehicle. But few things suck worse than a new car that breaks down all the time, then breaks again after you get it fixed. What if all those cars combined, Voltron-style, into one amazingly unreliable piece… » 10/28/14 9:45am Tuesday 9:45am