Woman Exonerated Of Homicide After Death Linked To GM Ignition

In a tale of death, bad fortune, shoddy police work, and the real-life ramifications of the faulty General Motors ignition switch, a Texas woman convicted of negligent homicide in 2007 was cleared of that crime today after the switch in her Saturn Ion was deemed to be at fault in her boyfriend's death. » 11/24/14 1:55pm 49 minutes ago

'Fix It Again, Tony' Is Fiat's Greatest Ad So Far

Between Jennifer Lopez, memes, Godzilla, and murderous cartoon animals, Fiat's non-Abarth U.S. ad campaigns have generally been one miserable suckfest after another. But now they've done something that's actually good. An ad that's clever and funny — from Fiat! » 11/24/14 1:45pm 59 minutes ago

The Next Generation Of Alfa Romeo Sedans Is Coming Next Summer

Are you kind of psyched to see your local Fiat dealership re-brand itself as an Alfa Romeo Fiat shop? It's pretty great to see both those brands back in the U.S., but the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car alone can't sustain volume sales. They need fun Italian cars with more seats, and we should see the first one next summer. » 11/24/14 10:40am Today 10:40am

A Scion FR-S Turbo Or Convertible Are For Real Not Happening, People

The Scion iM Concept showed off at last week's LA Auto Show previewed a production car that Scion desperately needs at the moment for mainstream success. But what about the enthusiasts? Scion senior vice president Doug Murtha took the time to re-iterate some bad news: a convertible or turbo FR-S is not coming. Booo! » 11/24/14 10:20am Today 10:20am

This Beautiful Block Of Wood Is Where The Fiat 500 Came From

Sometimes the coolest stuff you find at auto shows isn't the new cars, but the crazy stuff automakers bring along and display next to them. Case in point over at the Fiat booth at the LA Auto Show: they have a giant wood buck used to build the original Fiat 500. Neat! » 11/20/14 9:00pm Thursday 9:00pm

This 1967 Toyota 2000GT Is The Coolest Car At The LA Auto Show

This year's LA Auto Show has been kind of a strange one. There have been a few good debuts, but also a ton of stuff we've seen online and at other auto shows, and not many surprises overall. But there's a very nice surprise waiting in the Toyota section of the floor: this gorgeous white 1967 Toyota 2000GT. » 11/20/14 7:00pm Thursday 7:00pm

Rejoice! The Volkswagen Golf R Will Get A Manual In The U.S. After All

Volkswagen can be really tricky sometimes. They make some amazing machines, but for us Americans, the questions are always "Will we get it?" and "Will it have a manual?" The good news is that despite earlier confusion, the Volkswagen Golf R will have both in America. Happy dance! » 11/20/14 4:13pm Thursday 4:13pm

Sweet Merciful Crap The 2016 Mazda Miata Looks Amazing In White

While all the other auto journalists at the LA Auto Show attacked a bunch of crap that will never really get built like a pack of wild dogs, I went to a secluded, dark room in the back of the convention center and found the most important car there is: the 2016 Mazda Miata. » 11/20/14 9:08am Thursday 9:08am

The Volkswagen Golf R 400 Is Much, Much Faster Than A 90s Ferrari

In 1994, the Ferrari F355 hit the scene with a 3.5-liter V8 packing 375 horsepower. It was an incredibly fast car in its day. It did zero to 60 mph in about 4.7 seconds. It has nothing on the Volkswagen Golf R 400, which has 25 more horses and is far faster. » 11/19/14 9:30pm Wednesday 9:30pm

The 300 HP VW Golf R SportWagen Is The Ultimate Forbidden Wagonfruit

I have seen the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R SportWagen. It is real. It is beautiful. It is powerful and wagontacular. And it may never be ours, my fellow Americans. For all our talk of freedom and high standards of living and wonderful inventions like frozen yogurt, there is a good chance we will never have this. » 11/19/14 7:50pm Wednesday 7:50pm